Beaker Icon Receiver, Distillation “Cow” Style
This distillation receiver comes in a variety of joint sizes and can accommodate flasks up to 500ml. The "cow" also includes the vacuum adapter. Prices include corresponding flasks and clips (not pictured).

Customization available, please inquire.

Catalogue-Number Flask-Volume Joint
SGD-CW-01 15ml 14/23
SGD-CW-02 25ml 14/23
SGD-CW-03 50ml 14/23
SGD-CW-04 100ml 14/23
SGD-CW-05 25ml 19/22
SGD-CW-06 50ml 19/22
SGD-CW-07 100ml 19/22
SGD-CW-08 50ml 24/40
SGD-CW-09 100ml 24/40
SGD-CW-10 250ml 24/40
SGD-CW-11 500ml 24/40