Beaker Icon Schlenk Filter Funnel
Like all of our Schlenk ware the Filter Funnel is constructed out of medium wall tubing for increased strength. The bottom joint is a drip tip joint and frits come in medium or coarse porosity. High-vacuum Teflon or ground glass stopcocks are available.

Modifications can be easily made to this item upon request.

High-Vacuum Teflon

Catalogue Number Volume Joint Frit
SGD-FF-01 50ml 14/23 Course
SGD-FF-02 50ml 14/23 Medium
SGD-FF-03 100ml 24/40 Course
SGD-FF-04 100ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-FF-05 250ml 24/40 Course
SGD-FF-06 250ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-FF-07 500ml 24/40 Course
SGD-FF-08 500ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-FF-09 1000ml 24/40 Course
SGD-FF-10 1000ml 24/40 Medium

Ground Glass

Catalogue Number Volume Joint Frit
SGD-FF-20 50ml 14/23 Course
SGD-FF-21 50ml 14/23 Medium
SGD-FF-22 100ml 24/40 Course
SGD-FF-23 100ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-FF-24 250ml 24/40 Course
SGD-FF-25 250ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-FF-26 500ml 24/40 Course
SGD-FF-27 500ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-FF-28 1000ml 24/40 Course
SGD-FF-29 100ml 24/40 Medium