Beaker Icon SGD Schlenk Flasks
The SGD design is slightly different from the the standard Schlenk flask. The long tapered body makes for easier cleaning and lessens the risk of bubbling up into the vacuum line. Made out of medium wall tubing for a longer lasting piece of labware. Our Schlenk Flasks come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your requirements. Available with high-vacuum Teflon or ground glass stopcocks.

Modifications can be easily made to this item upon request.

High-Vacuum Teflon

Catalogue Number Volume Joint
SGD-SF-50 25ml 14/23
SGD-SF-51 25ml 19/22
SGD-SF-52 50ml 14/23
SGD-SF-53 50ml 19/22
SGD-SF-54 50ml 24/40
SGD-SF-55 100ml 24/40
SGD-SF-56 250ml 24/40
SGD-SF-57 500ml 24/40
SGD-SF-58 1000ml 24/40

Ground Glass

Catalogue Number Volume Joint
SGD-SF-60 15ml 14/23
SGD-SF-61 25ml 14/23
SGD-SF-62 25ml 19/22
SGD-SF-63 50ml 14/23
SGD-SF-64 50ml 19/22
SGD-SF-65 50ml 24/40
SGD-SF-66 100ml 24/40
SGD-SF-67 250ml 24/40
SGD-SF-68 500ml 24/40
SGD-SF-69 1000ml 24/40