Beaker Icon Vigreux Column
Indentations add surface area for vapor contact. The length refers to the amount of straight tubing with the indentations.

Other joint sizes available as well as custom lengths, please inquire.

Catalogue-Number Length Joint
SGD-VC-01 100mm 14/23
SGD-VC-02 120mm 14/23
SGD-VC-03 150mm 14/23
SGD-VC-04 100mm 19/22
SGD-VC-05 120mm 19/22
SGD-VC-06 150mm 19/22
SGD-VC-07 200mm 19/22
SGD-VC-08 150mm 24/40
SGD-VC-09 200mm 24/40
SGD-VC-10 300mm 24/40
SGD-VC-11 450mm 24/40
SGD-VC-12 150mm 29/42
SGD-VC-13 200mm 29/42
SGD-VC-14 300mm 29/42
SGD-VC-15 450mm 29/42
SGD-VC-16 600mm 29/42