Beaker Icon Fritted Buchner Funnel
This funnel is sturdily constructed with medium and heavy wall tubing for extra durability. A frit is used for filtration instead of filter paper.

Modifications can be easily made to this item upon request.

Catalogue-Number Volume Frit
SGD-BF-01 30ml Extra Course
SGD-BF-02 30ml Course
SGD-BF-03 30ml Medium
SGD-BF-04 30ml Fine
SGD-BF-05 60ml Extra Course
SGD-BF-06 60ml Course
SGD-BF-07 60ml Medium
SGD-BF-08 60ml Fine
SGD-BF-09 150ml Extra Course
SGD-BF-10 150ml Course
SGD-BF-11 150ml Medium
SGD-BF-12 150ml Fine
SGD-BF-13 350ml Extra Course
SGD-BF-14 350ml Course
SGD-BF-15 350ml Medium
SGD-BF-16 350ml Fine
SGD-BF-17 600ml Extra Course
SGD-BF-18 600ml Course
SGD-BF-19 600ml Medium
SGD-BF-20 600ml Fine
SGD-BF-21 1000ml Extra Course
SGD-BF-22 1000ml Course
SGD-BF-23 1000ml Medium
SGD-BF-24 1000ml Fine