Beaker Icon Fritted Buchner Funnel, Vacuum Take-Off
This funnel is sturdily constructed with medium and heavy wall tubing for extra durability. A frit is used for filtration instead of filter paper. A ground glass joint and hose barb are on the bottom of this funnel to pull a slight vacuum.

Modifications can be easily made to this item upon request.

Catalogue Number Volume Joint Frit
SGD-BF-25 30ml 14/23 Extra Course
SGD-BF-26 30ml 14/23 Course
SGD-BF-27 30ml 14/23 Medium
SGD-BF-28 60ml 14/23 Extra Course
SGD-BF-29 60ml 14/23 Course
SGD-BF-30 60ml 14/23 Medium
SGD-BF-31 60ml 24/40 Extra Course
SGD-BF-32 60ml 24/40 Course
SGD-BF-33 60ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-BF-34 150ml 14/23 Extra Course
SGD-BF-35 150ml 14/23 Course
SGD-BF-36 150ml 14/23 Medium
SGD-BF-37 150ml 24/40 Extra Course
SGD-BF-38 150ml 24/40 Course
SGD-BF-39 150ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-BF-40 350ml 24/40 Extra Course
SGD-BF-41 350ml 24/40 Course
SGD-BF-42 350ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-BF-43 600ml 24/40 Extra Course
SGD-BF-44 600ml 24/40 Course
SGD-BF-45 600ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-BF-46 1000ml 24/40 Extra Course
SGD-BF-47 1000ml 24/40 Course
SGD-BF-48 1000ml 24/40 Medium
SGD-BF-49 2000ml 24/40 Course
SGD-BF-50 2000ml 24/40 Medium