Beaker Icon Pressure Equalizing Funnel
Available in calibrated and non-calibrated versions. Both have Teflon Stopcocks. Our stopcock barrels and joints are thicker than most other pressure equalizing funnels for added durability. The bypass is also made of medium wall tubing instead of standard wall for added strength.

Modifications can be easily made to this item upon request.


Catalogue-Number Volume Joint Stopcock-Bore
SGD-PF-01 60ml 14/23 2mm
SGD-PF-02 125ml 14/23 2mm
SGD-PF-03 125ml 19/22 2mm
SGD-PF-04 125ml 24/40 2mm
SGD-PF-05 250ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-06 500ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-07 1000ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-08 1000ml 29/42 4mm
SGD-PF-09 2000ml 24/40 6mm
SGD-PF-10 2000ml 29/42 6mm


Catalogue-Number Volume Joint Stopcock-Bore
SGD-PF-11 60ml 14/23 2mm
SGD-PF-12 125ml 14/23 2mm
SGD-PF-13 125ml 19/22 2mm
SGD-PF-14 125ml 24/40 2mm
SGD-PF-15 250ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-16 500ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-17 1000ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-18 1000ml 29/42 4mm
SGD-PF-19 2000ml 24/40 6mm
SGD-PF-20 2000ml 29/42 6mm