Beaker Icon Pressure Equalizing Funnel With Threaded Valve
Available in calibrated and non-calibrated versions. Similar to the standard pressure equalizing funnel but with a valve instead of a stopcock. The valve allows greater control of fluid flow than the standard stopcock.

Modifications can be easily made to this item upon request.


Catalogue Number Volume Joint Valve
SGD-PF-21 60ml 14/23 4mm
SGD-PF-22 125ml 14/23 4mm
SGD-PF-23 125ml 19/22 4mm
SGD-PF-24 125ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-25 250ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-26 500ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-27 1000ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-28 1000ml 29/42 4mm
SGD-PF-29 2000ml 24/40 8mm
SGD-PF-30 2000ml 29/42 8mm


Catalogue Number Volume Joint Valve
SGD-PF-31 60ml 14/23 4mm
SGD-PF-32 125ml 14/23 4mm
SGD-PF-33 125ml 19/22 4mm
SGD-PF-34 125ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-35 250ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-36 500ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-37 1000ml 24/40 4mm
SGD-PF-38 1000ml 29/42 4mm
SGD-PF-39 2000ml 24/40 8mm
SGD-PF-40 2000ml 29/42 8mm